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"When You Have Read This Short Page It Is Going To Completely Revolutionize The Way You Think About Your Memory... ...Forever"

  • Discover simple and easy to apply tips, tricks and techniques that will dramatically improve your Memory.

  • Develop confidence, faith and trust in your ability to remember ANYTHING you choose

  • How to exercise and fortify your brain to keep you mentally sharp and alert with a powerful memory well into your old age.

But stop – do you really need help with improving your memory?

Well does this sound like you?

You often put your keys (or your wallet, or your purse) down at home and can never remember where they are.

You walk into a room to get something only to have no idea what you came for.

When you first meet people you instantly forget their names

Many times whilst reading when you get to the bottom of the page you have little or often no recollection of what it is you have only just read?

And because of all of this you might think “I have a terrible memory”, “My memory is definitely not as good as it used to be” and worse still “As I am getting older my memory is getting worse”.

Millions of people just like you experience the same memory challenges, have the same concerns about their memory and may even harbour the deep down nagging fear that their mental decline with old age is inevitable.

However millions of people are very wrong indeed.


You can have total confidence, trust and faith in your memory regardless of how bad you think it is right now.

You can easily and simply remember the names of everyone you meet with a social confidence and charisma that will draw even more new friends to you.

You can also choose to remember anything you read for as long as you like, so you can absorb new information and expand your intellectual horizons with ease.

And you can recall in an instant where you have left your keys, your wallet and even the car (don’t laugh now, it does happen).

You can have all of this simply and easily as well as much, much more and by doing so you, can stay sharp and mentally alert well into your old age.

You see your memory is already pretty good despite what you might think. And to prove that very point, in a moment I am going to ask you three questions and I want you to notice just how quickly the answers come to mind.

Don’t worry these questions are really easy and you will know the answers:


A Memory Test You WILL Pass

What was the name of your first teacher at school?

Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Got the answers to those?

I bet you were able to answer at least one of those questions and probably all three.

That means you have a very good memory of things from your astonishingly detailed recall from something that happened a few years ago..... and no doubt quite a precise recollection from the recent past.

Now by any standard that is a pretty good memory at work.

But wait – you are probably saying to yourself right now: “Ok I can recall those things from different parts of my life but I can’t recall the things I want to be able to remember”

Ok – that’s a good point – so turn that into a question. Something like this:

“If I can recall those things from different parts of my life,
why can’t I recall the things I want to remember?”

Now that is a really good question and here is the answer:

You were able to recall those memories from that little test above because each one had a liberal dose of something I call “Memory Spice” – factors involved that made each one of those memories deliciously easy for your brain to locate in your memory and serve up to your conscious mind.

Your memory is indeed perfect - research has shown that everything we have ever experienced in our entire lives is stored in our brain...somewhere.

“The Real Reason Why You Can't Remember Everything”

But whilst we have a perfect memory, what we don't have is perfect recall and the difference between what we can recall and what we can't is simply the presence or lack of "memory Spice".

So when you remember something – that’s because it has been sprinkled with memory spice - and when you can’t, that’s because it hasn't.

What The Heck is "Memory Spice?"

"Memory Spice" is just a fancy name given to a set of memory enhancing factors that can supercharge the things you want to remember so you can always recall them.

The trouble is you haven’t been given the recipe book of the what, why and when of “memory Spice” - in fact you probably didn't even know these factors exist - which means until now you have not had ANY control over which memories to keep.

This is why your recall of the things you want to remember has until now been such a frustratingly hit and miss affair.

And when you can't remember something, you naturally blame your memory when really the problem is you don’t know how to use it properly.

Once you understand how to do that, you can remember anything you want, for as long as you want and make that a deliberate choice.

But there is also a secondary benefit too when you start applying these factors to what you want to have perfect recall of - you will also help maintain and even improve the quality of your mental fitness....for the rest of your life.

Here's What To Do To Improve Your Memory Now...

Here is what you need to do to rapidly improve the quality and performance of your memory:

First of all you have to understand how it works, exactly what “memory spice” is and how you should apply it

Secondly you must understand the lifestyle factors you have total control over that directly affect your memory’s performance

The third thing to do is use the very simple but rarely mentioned tips and tricks that will deal with many of the common memory challenges you face on a day to day basis.

And finally explore the range of powerfully effective memory techniques that are easy and fun to apply yet give you a tremendous mental workout to sharpen up your thinking “muscles” and help stave off any decline in mental performance.

Research reported by the Franklin Institute show that mental exercise that challenges the mind to think contribute significantly to maintaining and even improving cognitive performance with age.


The exact blueprint for you to develop your powers of recall to an impressive level as well as the recipe for “memory spice” can be found in:

Easy Memory Improvement For You
Strategies for
Lifelong Mental Fitness

by Michael Tipper.

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Dear Mr. Tipper

I just want to compliment you on your exceptional Memory Improvement Program. I took a memory course years ago, and it was promising, but I lost the training due to disuse.  Now I am in the process of trying to attain a trained memory.  I have several very good books in addition to yours. All the information necessary is already available in other books.  However, yours is the only one that is like having a personal coach and it stands out enormously in the way it deals with all the mental blocks and other obstacles a learner is likely to run into.

Congratulations, and thanks again.

Jay Maupin


Michael Tipper is a renowned specialist in memory development. At an early age he thought he had a poor memory but set out to improve it discovering the closely guarded secrets of Master Memorizers who revealed the ingredients of what Michael now calls “memory spice”.

To prove just how powerful his discoveries were, he trained for and entered the World Memory Championships and won the Silver medal even though just a few years earlier he thought his memory was poor and was getting worse.

He has since gone on to teach thousands of others how to improve their memory, has authored 3 books on the topic and has had his work presented to over 955,000 people. He regularly contributes to media features and most recently was on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health Magazine.

Here is How Your Memory Will Improve
And How You Will Increase Your Mental Fitness

In Easy Memory Improvement For You - Strategies for Lifelong Mental Fitness Michael has gathered together his most powerful memory improvement information.

In it you will discover how your brain and your memory works so you understand your hardwiring much better and make informed decisions on how to use it to keep it operating at peak memory and recall performance.

Simple and easy to introduce lifestyle factors relating to how to reduce and eliminate the impacts of stress on your memory will be revealed so you create the optimum physiological environment for your brain and memory to perform at its best.

You will be given specially selected and highly practical tips and tricks to deal with the three most common memory failings that you can apply immediately to see instant results.

You will be taken step by step through solving the 7 most common memory problems using powerful techniques that will amaze you with their stunning effectiveness but also in their simplicity and ease of use.

And you will also be shown how to perform some amazing feats of memory that will leave your friends flabbergasted and give you an enjoyable, completely satisfying and brain boosting mental workout.

And all of this is contained in 148 pages Easy Memory Improvement For You – Simple Strategies for Lifelong Mental Fitness that can be yours right now for a small one off investment of just $19.95.

In addition to this powerful memory improvement program you will also receive Michael’s 45 minute audio program “Your Memory Questions Answered - Volume 1” which addresses the most frequently asked questions from over 10 years of memory improvement seminars and workshops.

This is currently retailing on his website at $29.95 but you can get this for FREE as part of our launch promotion and because supplying you instant digital downloads for both programs reduces our overheads.

However before you decide, make sure you download the preview copies of both programs by clicking on Preview Button at the top of this page or on the link below.

But if you know that Easy Memory Improvement is Definitely For You simply click on the Buy Now button below here, follow the simple purchase and download instructions and you will begin developing astonishing powers of recall and memory in the next couple of minutes.

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